Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cupcake Giveaway!

The title says it all, we are giving away cupcakes! Join our mailing list between now and April 5th and one lucky winner will be chosen at random and will win a dozen free cupcakes! (update 4/5/10, winners have been selected but please join our mailing list anyways!) Winner will be notified and you can pick up your cupcakes at CupcakeCamp Seattle!

When: Saturday April 10th, 11AM - 2PM
Where: 415 Westlake, Seattle WA
Why: Because who doesn’t love cupcakes?!
Plus there will be some fun competitions and a fundraiser for the Hope Heart Institute

* don't worry, if you can't pick up your cupcakes at CupcakeCamp, we'll sort something out
* if you don't live in the Seattle area and are chosen as the winner, we'll either mail you a gift certificate or a substitution for cupcakes
* the winner will be notified by email on April 6th, 2010.

fine print: this offer has no cash value and can not be redeemed for anything besides cupcakes or a substitution chosen by The Radical Cupcake. This offer is transferable to someone else as long as they live in the Seattle area and can pick up the cupcakes, as agreed upon by all parties.

questions? please contact us

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