Monday, October 21, 2013


announcing a new handle and perspective on eating, baking, and general allergy-friendly sweetness we're calling glutenfreegan! as an executive pastry chef with recently diagnosed food allergies, I'll be committed to writing recipes for the bakers, pastry chefs, and sweet-enthusiasts alike ...

this is a long time coming, and a field I've been committed to for over 10 years. diagnosed with a lactose intolerance in my 20's, I've avoided dairy ever since but knew there were probably others lurking within. I'll post more details about the diagnosis soon.

please check back often for more information as this is where I'll be posting until the new site is up and running. until then, you can follow glutenfreegan on Instagram & Twitter, or via our Facebook page for The Radical Cupcake.


xoxo, marisa
aka "The Radical Cupcake"