There once was a girl who lived on an island and had a lovely neighbor who knew how to make bread. When the little girl turned four, her mom sent her to the nice neighbor lady's house and this nice lady taught the little girl how to bake all kinds of wonderful goodies. Not only did the little girl learn how to bake, she learned to be patient while waiting for bread dough to rise; she learned to care and cultivate gardens full of herbs to sprinkle on the savory goods; she learned how to make the most seemingly plain cookie into a work of edible art; and most importantly, she learned to give what she made to those who needed it most - those who needed the love baked into the wonderous array of goodies that the little girl learned how to make in her neighbor's kitchen. This little girl became The Radical Cupcake.

The little girl continued to bake and explore the wonders of the kitchen in her home on the island. When her grandmothers came to visit they both shared recipes passed down from generations of bakers. When the little girl was no longer little she began working in restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops. After years of learning and exploring in the kitchen, the girl who was no longer little decided to share her love and passion for baking. 

Welcome to her world.

photo by Barbie Hull